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Vintage Sizing:

Sizes have changed so many times in the last 60 years we have ''resized'' everything to simply a modern size small, medium or large, to make shopping easier a S/M is between a small and a medium. Some items that have the same ''Size'' will have slightly different measurements due to how they are supposed to fit, when they were made and who they were altered for.

The list below is the guide we use in sizing but WILL NOT be completely accurate for vintage items. Always ask for measurements before ordering, especially if you aren't planing on having item altered after it arrives.


Some New and Vintage 1950's Dresses will have smaller waists as they are meant to be worn with proper 50's undergarments. Please consider this before purchase, you may want to get a size larger for a less fitted look.


Vintage items from mid 1960's and earlier will not fit the same way as modern clothing, waists are much smaller and very fitted, be sure to get each items measurements before ordering.


Always get actual measurements of  each item before purchase to be sure of fit. These measurements do not apply to vintage clothing.


''Threads  in  Time''  New  Items  size  chart


Our Size    Modern Size           Bust           Waist              Hip

XS                   2-4                      31-32          24-26            34-35

S                      4-6                      33-34          25-27            35-36

S/M                 6-8                      34-35          26-28            36-37

M                     8-10                    36-37          28-29            37-39

M/L                 10-12                  37-38          30-31            40-41

L                     12-14                   39-41         32-33            42-43

L/XL               14-16                  42-43          34-35            43-44

XL                  16-18                  43-44          36-38            45-46


1XL               18-20                    44-46           38-40            46-48

2XL               20-22                    47-49           41-43            49-51

3XL               22-24                    50-52           44-46            52-54


These should be your measurements not clothing measurements

Updated 6/17/08



Some items will have bust, waist, hip, and length measurements in inches.


To measure  pull measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your chest, the smallest part of your waist, and the fullest part of your hip/bum, usually right at the top of your leg.

You will want at least one inch extra for breathing room in all clothing otherwise the item will be tight.


For length measure from back of normal neckline of T-shirt down to hem. For Jumpsuits and pants an inseam may be listed, this is the length of the inside of pant leg.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions please contact us, happy shopping!





Measurements A, B, C, & J  should be taken around body not just front.
We are not responsible if your item doesn't fit, it is your job to make sure your measurements are correct.